6 Cat Flu Symptoms You Need to Know About This Winter

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During Flu Awareness Week as the World Health Organisation reminds people at risk to get their flu jabs, the RSPCA is urging pet owners to remember the importance of getting cats and dogs vaccinated too so we wanted to share 6 of the most common cat flu symptoms to help you spot if your cat ever gets poorly.

What is cat flu?

Cat flu is an airborne virus and is spread through direct contact between cats. Large amounts of the virus is present in saliva, tears and nasal secretions.

Six of the most visible cat flu symptoms include:

  1. Sneezing
  2. Runny eyes
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Eye and mouth ulcers
  5. Respiratory problems
  6. An increased temperature

Cats with the flu have to be isolated from other cats so as not to pass the infection on because in some cases, cats can have and spread the flu virus without any signs at all.

James Yeates, chief veterinary officer at the RSPCA said, “It is incredibly important to have your cat vaccinated against cat flu as well as other infections and to keep their vaccinations up to date. Cat flu can be incredibly debilitating for cats leaving them very poorly, and in some cases they do not manage to pull through.

“Cats with flu have to be isolated from other cats in our rescue centres which also puts more pressure on centres to find space for these poorly cats when they are already bursting with cats and kittens. Sadly cat flu is all too common and there is no cure.”

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