Did You Know Halloween is National Black Cat Day?

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Cats Protection is holding its annual National Black Cat Day on Thursday 31 October to encourage people to find a place in their hearts and homes for an unwanted black or black-and-white moggy.

Now in its third year, the campaign encourages people to ‘paws’ for thought and consider the plight of black and black-and-white cats that tend to lose out on homes to more colourful felines.

Around half of the 6,200 cats in Cats Protection’s care are black or black and white and on average each of these cats wait around a week longer to find a new home.

“Once favoured by storytellers in tales of magic and witchcraft, black cats have developed an undeserved bad reputation that is still bubbling away,” said Jackie May, Cats Protection’s Information & Education Manager.

“It’s sad that black and black-and-white moggies are homeless for longer so we wanted to give them a chance to shine and show that fur colour is only skin deep. At Cats Protection we are standing up for the ‘under-cat’ and asking people to consider taking a black or black-and-white cat into their home.”

This National Black Cat Day (Thursday 31 October) Cats Protection is inviting people to share their black and black-and-white cat stories, photos and videos on its Facebook page. To join in the fun log on to www.facebook.com/catsprotection

Over 250 of the photos that have already been submitted have been used to create a new poster which will be used by the charity to promote adopting a black or black-and-white cat.

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