Is It Possible to Prevent Feline Immune Disorders?

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Feline immune disorders are the result of a weak immune system which has lost its disease resistance capacity considerably. A large number of cats these days are affected by a wide range of health problems, most of which are the result of a compromised immune system, writes Jeff Grill.

There are four different types of immune related disorders in cats:

– hypersensitivity (such as food allergy)
– autoimmunity (when the body attacks its own tissues and causes inflammation such as arthritis)
– immunodeficiency (when the immune system isn't working – such as not fighting off a disease)
– immune system neoplasia – cell growth that is not controlled

The immune system of such cats gets weakened significantly in the long term and they become vulnerable to the immune-deficiency disorders described above. This is why it is important for you, as a cat owner, to know about feline immune problems and what you need to do to prevent them.

First of all, you need to remember an important fact – your cat's immune system does not get weakened all of a sudden. It happens slowly due to a number of factors like age, disease, poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and a lack of physical exercise.

However, even if the immune system is weakening naturally during age, by doing everything you can to support your cat, you can help to keep it strong possibly for a longer time than if you changed nothing in your cats routine.

* Improve your cat's diet: Check to make sure the food you purchase is AAFCO certified. Check with a veterinary nutritionist to see if the diet can be enhanced either with homemade food, or supplements. In a healthy cat there is nothing wrong with a quality commercial food. When a cat is unhealthy then diet can play an important role in maintaining for improving a cat's quality of life.

* Provide plenty of water; Cats get their moisture from food. Consider switching to a canned cat food, and provide more than one water dish to encourage drinking.

* Practice good hygiene: Cats can be really fussy about cleanliness. So, clean your cat's litter box regularly. Also, make sure your cat's food bowl and water bowl are clean. A dirty litter box can also lead to bacteria entering your cat's body and causing urinary or bladder infections.

* Consider a small dose of natural health supplements for your cat every day. Since your cat does not get to eat grass, herbs, and other plants to cleanse their system and improve their metabolism like cats in the wild do, it can get sick at times. This could also weaken its immune system in the long term. So, you should consider giving herbal supplements which can cleanse your cat's body and improve its immune system as well. This is one of the simplest ways to prevent feline immune problems.

* Lack of physical exercise is one of the important reasons why most domesticated cats are not nearly as healthy as cats in the wild. So, get your cat some interactive toys to play with and make sure it stays active and gets enough exercise every day.

The feline immune system can be helped by keeping the body strong. These simple tips can help your cat live a long and quality life.

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