These Cats Love Halloween, Maybe More Than You

Fun Cat Tales

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought we would bring together some of the snazziest dressed cats around who can’t wait for Halloween to get started.


1. Is it a cat, is it a banana – no, meet Banana-Cat.

Photo by lhabs - banana cat

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2. Meet Shark-Cat.

3. Princess Jas’meow’ne is ready for Halloween.

Photo by madebyfidothecat - Aladdin jasmine

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4. Ram-cat.

Halloween cat - ram

5. Okay, so maybe this cat would prefer a hat to a tshirt for Halloween. We still have time to fix the outfit.

6. Pinchy! Meet Hank, who’s lobster impression is second to none.

Photo by hankthekitten - lobster cat

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7. Be prepared with treats if you’re going to bring Pumpkin-Cat to the party.


8. We’re certain this is all about the fun, and nothing to do with Riker’s weight. But don’t ask her to ‘oink’ all the same. 

Photo by sabronx86 - pig cat

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9. I am cat, hear me roar.

And, our final attempt to show just how much cats love Halloween.

10. Meet Nasa’s next star – the Cat-ronaut.


Have you see a cat you want to share? Let us know and share your own stories and photos – we’d love to hear from you!


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