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With new cat products coming out all the time, our resident cat, Buster, has decided to stretch her paws and begin a brand new review series. I know, I know, next she’ll be demanding her own office and signature product range. We can see it now – ‘Buster: the designer scent for the girl who knows what she wants and just how to get it’.

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But before she (we) get too carried away, let’s get on with why we and you are here – to read all about the latest gourmet cat food multipacks on the market.

About the GOURMET® Mon Petit range

Adding to the existing GOURMET Mon Petite range, which includes Meat, Fish and Poultry multipacks, the new Fish and Meat multipacks include three new recipes.

Within the new Fish multipack you’ll find six 50g pouches with cod, sardine and salmon recipes, and within the new Meat multipack you’ll find six 50g pouches with game, liver and beef flavours.

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Buster’s review

Our girl received a package with both of the new multipacks. Normally a girl who will has the potential to leave her food or be quite picky (she’s recently been going through an ‘only gravy, no jelly’ phase) when she does eat, she tends to pick at her food and will eat regularly throughout the day, rather than all at once and typically needs to be enticed with treats on top as ‘garnish’ if she’s going through an extreme picky phase.

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For this reason the smaller Mon Petit sized pouches work nicely for her. It means less waste and a fresher meal each time because we can give her new food more frequently through the day rather than a meal waiting for hours while being picked at.

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She particularly enjoyed the cod and game recipes, but cod won the day as her overall favourite flavour, and she wasn’t about to share with K9 Magazine’s Christopher, who made a cameo appearance with his chew.

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Find out if your cat would enjoy the GOURMET Mon Petit food here or pick up a pack in your local supermarket.

If your cat has tried the food and you’d like to share your own thoughts, or you’d like Buster to review your product comment below and get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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