How To Entertain Your Cat When You Are Away


Cats can fend for themselves but they won’t necessarily be happy doing at all the time. Cats are animals which thrive on mental stimulation and the company of humans.

Cats often augment their reputation as destructive house pets by doing things out of boredom. Cat owners could prevent this type of inconvenience by simply trying one of many easy and effective methods of feline entertainment from the comfort of your own workplace.

Cats will benifit the most from having companionship all the time. If you are a full time worker and can see no other alternative to letting your cat roam free, why not consider acquiring another cat or even a dog. This will develop the social skills of both parties and will prevent any remote chance of boredom.

If a second pet is not an option for you, an alternative is to place mirrors around the home. Although this sounds not unlike an insult to the cats intelligence, it does provide a very useful function. It will enhance the amount of visual stimulation that your cat will recieve while she is on her own. It will also help or socialisation techniques and prevent her from becoming lonely.

Any movable objects are fantastic stimuli for the active and inquisitive cat. A weighted ball that changes direction is a fantastic and trouble free way of entertaining her, and it will keep her fit. Always ensure, as with children, that there no dangerous components to any of the toys you give to your cat which could be swallowed and cause choking.

Provide areas for the cat to go where she can reach different hights and angles. This will satisfy her climbing urges and will be a safer and more convinent alternative to a sharp set of claws travelling up the side of any valuable furniture. She will be able to experience different temperatures and lights and will be able to get away from the boredom of the house.

Cats enjoy exploring boxes and tubs so any old packaging left for to play with will provide her with lots of new spaces and areas to go into.

Rotate her toys so that she thinks she has a new one each day, this prevents her from getting used to the same challenge. Leaving the radia or television on will also help prevent boredom and will provide a feeling of familiarity to an otherwise lonely house.

If you haven’t already, install a cat flap so that she has access to a garden or yard. If you do not wish for her to have constant access to the outside world you can get flaps that can be locked or fixed so only certain actions can be made through the catflap. ( For your information. Sir Isaac Newton, the man who discovered gravity, is also the man who gave the world the catflap )

If none of the above are possible, at least ensure that she has access to a window so that she can have a look at the outside world.

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