Meet The Cat Made to Feel Like a Queen

Misty the cat is about to reach her centenary year (in cat years of course), when she celebrates her 20th birthday this May. She’s made it to this ripe old age after living with her owner Cheryl Bunn in Hampshire since she was a tiny kitten of 6 weeks old.

To celebrate this feline feat Misty has been treated to a year’s supply of her favourite cat treat which was delivered along with a special telegram to make her feel like a Queen!

Misty loves Webbox’s Lick-e-Lix so much, she won’t settle until she gets her daily dose of the creamy cat treat!


Think like a Queen, act like a Queen.

We like Misty’s way of thinking.

Cheryl comments, “Misty’s doing really well and still has all her own teeth! When we got her she was like a little cotton wool ball but she’s still soldiering on. She’s half moggy and half Persian so we do give her a bit of a helping hand with her grooming but she gets the full thumbs up from the vets each year and I’m sure that the Lick-e-Lix has something to do with her being in such good shape!”

Happy birthday Misty from everyone at, we hope you have a great day!

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