Meet The Cats Loving National Smile Month

Fun Cat Tales

To celebrate National Smile Month, which runs from 18th May-18th June, the Cats Protection have introduced us to five cats who can’t stop smiling.

Here they are…

Meet Fat Louis, with the most awesome collar (is that a bow tie we see?)

Photo Credit: Maddie Brown

Meet Isobel Artemis

Photo Credit: Becky Giles

Meet Pepe, who has recently found a new home to call his own (most likely the reason he can’t stop smiling!)

Photo Credit: Cats Protection Dereham Adoption Centre

Meet Snoozy Siouxsie

Photo Credit: Geoff Kent

Meet Oscar, who’s no doubt tired from writing in his journal. What a day he had!

Photo Credit: Mel Carswell

If you have a photo of your cat appreciating National Smile Month, share them with us by commenting below – we’d love to hear from you!

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