The Perfect Place for a Cat Nap? Choosing The Right Bed for your Cat

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Are you tired of cat hair on the counters, footprints on the windowsills, and rumpled pillows? If so, you may want to consider giving your cat his own resting spot. In fact, to truly make your cat happy, you may need to provide him with several cat beds in different areas. There are so many different types and styles of cat beds that finding one that blends with your d├ęcor should not be too hard.

You can look for colourful cat beds in fun pet prints that add a touch of whimsy to the room or you can shop for cat beds with plenty of designer elegance, instead. Of course, your cat will be more concerned with how the bed feels than what it looks like. Cat beds often have fleece pillows to keep them feeling cozy.

These beds may be oval shaped with high sides or they may actually be completely enclosed to form a cozy nest bed. Cats enjoy being able to snuggle up in a secure spot, which is why so many of them manage to squeeze inside sofas or other odd spots to nap. Some nest beds are even heated to add more warmth. If you have a cat that spends time on the porch or in other chilly areas, you may want to consider providing him with one of these beds.

If your cat sheds hair on the furniture, a nap mat is a useful option. Place the nap mat where your cat usually sleeps and simply store it away when company comes. The cushions beneath the mat will be cat hair free. A cat perch, which is a padded shelf, is another popular piece of napping equipment.

Attach the cat perch to your windowsill so your cat can look out the window and dream of stalking the wild birds he sees as he naps. When you buy a cat bed, don’t be surprised if your cat ignores it completely for a while. If he refuses to explore the bed, you may want to add a catnip toy to the bed to attract his attention.

Placing the bed in a cat friendly location will also make it more appealing to your cat. Cats do not care to nap in low places. Instead, position the cat bed on an end table or platform that is a few inches off the floor. Also, be sure the bed is not in an area that receives heavy traffic. If your cat feels as though he can never let down his guard and relax, he won’t want to nap in his bed. Of course, if you have several cats, you may need a napping spot for each cat.

If you don’t want three or four cat beds in your home, you may want to shop for the kitty version of a play gym, the cat condo. The cat condo allows several cats to nap in elevated spots. To get the most value for your money, look for a cat condo that has climbing areas and a place to sharpen claws in addition to napping spots.

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