Why Doesn’t My Cat Drink Milk?

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Almost everyone who has never owned a cat before, or who hasn’t owned a “fussy” cat, is under the impression that all cats drink milk. This is like saying that “all women like chocolate” – of course many of us like chocolate but there’s a large enough percentage who don’t like it to disprove the common thought. Likewise with cats, it’s more accurate to say that most cats drink milk, but not all of them. There are some cats who don’t like milk – and there are even some who are lactose intolerant!

If you find that your cat doesn’t like milk, or your veterinary has advised you that the fur problems are caused by an allergy that he has traced to being a lactose allergy, then you need to ensure that she drinks plenty of water. If your cat is really young, then you should ask your vet to suggest some alternatives to make sure that the kitten gets the right amount of calcium to ensure his bones and teeth grow healthily.

An older cat doesn’t need quite so much attention paid to its calcium intake, but if you know she isn’t drinking milk, then choose one of the cat food brands that adds calcium amongst the added vitamins and minerals it lists on the packaging.

If you wanted to make sure that your cat is getting an “appropriate” amount of calcium for its age and size, you could again check this with your veterinary when you take the cat for its annual check-up/shots. If your cat is pregnant, nursing a litter, or moving into the “elderly feline” category, you should again check with your veterinary as to whether you need to have a calcium supplement for your particular feline friend.

Although all cats do need calcium, just as we do, and in different amounts through the various life stages, it’s more than possible for your cat to be completely healthy without drinking milk. A couple of minutes spent checking with your veterinary will soon reassure you that everything is fine and how to ensure your kitten’s nutritional intake is adequate.

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