Living With an Elderly Cat

On average, cats live longer than dogs. Its not uncommon for them to enjoy a good quality of life well into their 20′s and beyond. If your cat is getting older, there are things you can do to make his life more enjoyable for him. Grooming.... Read more →

Can You Teach a Cat to Sit?

Most cats require little training-they prefer to train themselves. Will they do tricks? Some will and some won't. But if they won't, it's not because they're not smart enough-it's because they simply don't want to!... Read more →

Is My Cat Happy & How Do I Even Tell?

Cats are very intelligent animals that express various emotions including fear, grief, jealousy, anger and love according to animal rights advocate Igor Purlantov. For those that are lucky enough to have a cat in their home, it is important... Read more →
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